This is what I have learned throughout this program

This program has been quite an experience with so many friends and memories made.

I loved it so much that I am going to come back next year and maybe take the same class or explore other ones and I am thinking about doing either web dev or computer science as an actual job to keep me stable.

I am so happy that I came to this camp because I had so much fun and I almost did not come because I wanted to enjoy the last two weeks of summer not doing any thing.

Turns out, that is going to happen because I had fun in this camp and I am going to leave to Colima, Mexico and hopefully other cities.
Now, enjoy all the cool effects that I have learned in this week. If you can read this with your bare eyes, you have fairly good eyesight.

This stuff won't have spaces.

I can write words and
put spaces in between them.

Hello this is bold

This is a nested p tag

Hello this is emphasized (Put your mouse to the left of the puppies.)

This is something that our teacher Keving Zhang made us do on Wednesday and figure out how to do on our own which was pretty challenging, but fun!